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Chef Jon FortesChef Jon Fortes from Mimosa Grill
Posted: 05/23/2013


Growing  up  in  New  England,  Jon  Fortes  was  fortunate  enough  to  experience  and enjoy some of the freshest seafood in the country.  In high school, his love of “all things from the  sea”  inspired  him  to  explore  the  culinary  field  which  eventually  took  him  to  the prestigious  Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode  Island where  he earned an Associate’s Degree.  

Fresh  out  of  culinary  school,  Jon  was  introduced  to  Executive  Chef  John  Caputo  of  the acclaimed Napa Valley Grill in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was here that Jon perfected his craft for three years before moving on to Wolfgang Puck’s Orlando, Florida restaurant, “The Dining Room” where he worked as a Sous Chef.   His creative skills at Puck’s were noticed and he was soon moving north to Chicago, where he accepted a position as Chef de Cuisine with Bin 36.  After spending 3 years at Bin 36, where he was able to “fine tune” his palate for both  food  and wine,  Jon  accepted  the  position  of  Executive  Chef  at  Lindey’s in  Columbus, 
OH, consistently one of the top ten restaurants in the area. Eventually, his work brought him to  the  Charlotte-based  Harper’s  Restaurant  Group  where  he  has  served  in  multiple positions, most  recently  as  Executive  Chef  for  Zink. American  Kitchen  and  for  the  award-winning Mimosa Grill.  

Mimosa Grill


With  Jon’s  travels  around  the  country,  he  has  grown  to  appreciate  and  recognize  the importance  of  local  cuisine  and a  strong  commitment  to  farm to plate  cuisine.    Jon  best describes  his  cuisine  as  an  upscale  “California  bistro-style”  of  preparing  and  presenting food.  "I like to think that I create food that people can associate with on many levels," says Jon. "It's really just a matter of taking the best, freshest ingredients and presenting them on the plate without confusing the situation." 

Jon resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with his wife of  five years, Stacey and enjoys being Dad to their 2 children, Brennan and Dylan.